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Impressum / About me

Jekyll - Include Creative Commons Licenses

My first extension for this Jekyll based weblog covers how to display specific licenses for individual posts in Jekyll. Since I am a huge fan of OpenSource and free development, this was an important issue for me.

I came up with an idea, that allows me to choose one license out of all Creative-Commons-License per post. Let’s have a look how I did it.

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.dotcs / .crashsource - Relaunch

What you are currently looking at is the relaunch of my website .crashsource which will now be shortened to .dotcs.

I have decided to restart the website, because many posts on my old website are outdated, minds have changed and I do not have the time to update the posts there. Although some posts might be still valid, the relaunch will give me opportunity to change a lot of things I wanted to change anyways.

  • Change of the underlying platform - instead of Wordpress now Jekyll is used with Disqus for comments
  • Change of the language - now everything will be in English
  • Change in philosophy - leave the old ideas behind, the focus will be purely on technical details this time
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